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The late Senator Eugene A. Forsey originally wrote How Canadians Govern Themselves to answer questions that people just like you had about Canada’s system of government. Now you can see the themes from his book supported by interactive games, videos, pictures and animations or you can view the full text on its own by clicking the link above!

You can Explore Our Country, Our Parliament and learn about Canada’s Road to Democy, our system of government, the business of parliament, and democracy and parliament in action.

Visit the Youth Connection website to learn about Parliament, Democracy & You and learn of fun ways to be involved.

Learn all about the Parliament Buildings with this short six-part video guide!

Peace Tower Flag

Did you know that the flag on Peace Tower is 2.3mx4.6m (7.5ft x 15ft)! That’s one big flag! The flag gets changed every weekday weather permitting and is available for free to Canadians that write in. For more information on how to add your name to the waitlist please view the Public Works and Government Services Canada page here . View the Flag Master’s video below!

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