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3 days ago

David Sweet, M.P.

Erin O'Toole
As Parliament was wrapping up this week we had some fun waiting for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

May the force be with you this Christmas!
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Erin O'Toole

7 days ago

David Sweet, M.P.

Christmas is fast approaching! During this most wonderful time of the year, I ask that everyone consider generously donating to the local food banks and toy drives in our community so that everyone can share in the magic of the season. ... See MoreSee Less

A Christmas Message from MP David Sweet


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Merry Christmas to you.

2 weeks ago

David Sweet, M.P.

With the Flamborough-Glanbrook Nation Builder awards, we were able to recognize just a small sample of the amazing nation builders within our community. Thank you to all those who submitted nominations and congratulations to all the nation builders! ... See MoreSee Less

Canada 150 Flamborough-Glanbrook Nation Builder Awards


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Thank you David Sweet.

Thank you David 💙🇨🇦💙

2 weeks ago

David Sweet, M.P.

On Thursday I rose in the House of Commons to mark Jewish Refugee Day and recognize the 850,000 Jews from across the Middle East who were displaced from their homes as a result of religious persecution during the 1940s to the 1970s. ... See MoreSee Less

SO31 - Jewish Refugee Day

3 weeks ago

David Sweet, M.P.

Today I rose in the House to speak against Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act. Why are the Liberals rushing this flawed legislation and why are they not listening to the experts? ... See MoreSee Less

Debate on Bill C-45: Cannabis Act


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Why rush? Because the liberals need money.

Dear David Sweet, M.P.: Sharing my prayers with you and your family. I am pleased that you are speaking for public education and awareness to prevent marijuana. so our children thrive. A great and honest debate. Thank you!

Because the liberals need the money to cover their out of control spending. And instead of putting people to work this must be easier.

thank you for your comments at the -14:05 mark

Whether legal or illegal teens are still going to use it. I really think the issues are the accessibility and use of harder drugs like fentynol and other harder drugs like that! That is what needs to be controlled and out of reach to the public! Those whacked out drugs is what is messing our kids up and killing them! The government should focus on that! If they do make marijuana a legal possession then it should be 19 and over. Cigarettes should be illegal!! PS it is not the potheads who want marijuana legalized, they are happy the way it is now.

Everything trudeau does is flawed

that kind you can make them believe that the instinctions of some animals are due to the fact they got to the end of it and fell

The Mafia once controlled booze, gambling, drugs and prostitution. Just one more to go and the government will control them all. So who will be the criminals then?

If it is legal it can be better controlled. If you purchase from a licensed outlet you at least know it doesn’t have any other drugs in it.

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