MP David Sweet Delivers Members Statement on B’nai Brith Audit on Anti-Semitic Incidents

David Sweet, Question Period, Ottawa, ONTARIO, on 25 April, 2018. © HOC-CDC
Credit: Bernard Thibodeau, House of Commons Photo Services


On Wednesday April 25, 2018, MP David Sweet delivered the following statement in the House of Commons on the B’nai Brith Audit on Anti-Semitic Incidents:


Mr. Speaker,

Yesterday B’nai Brith Canada released their 36th Annual Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents. And while 2017 was a year of celebration for many Canadians, it was a truly difficult year for the Jewish community.


Last year, as in the year before, antisemitism reached record breaking highs, with acts of vandalism having doubled and acts of violence having increased by almost 50%.


The audit highlights disturbing instances of anti-Semitism on campuses, including calls to physical violence by a student leader at McGill, bomb threats at York, and an attempt by the University of Ottawa Student Union to revoke the status of a campus Jewish group.


What is even more disturbing Mr. Speaker is that this year, there is a section called “antisemitism in the political sphere”, which discusses the actions of elected officials, including Members of this House.


Mr. Speaker, many experts that study racism refer to anti-Semitism as “the canary in the mine”, an indicator of general patterns of racism across the country. I call upon all Members of this House to be active and loud in denouncing all acts of racism, particularly anti-Semitism. Anything short of that brings shame upon this place.


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10 hours ago

David Sweet, M.P.

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Andrew Scheer
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Watched it live. Good questions Andrew Scheer! No answers Mr Trudeau.

Every time Trudeau speaks, mankind devolves.

This is a disgrace! If you are hiding nothing then speak out!!! I hope we hear the truth at some point, no one should be able to refuse to answer, especially our Prime Minister

1 week ago

David Sweet, M.P.

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Thank You

I wish you were still our (my) MP sir - well said !!!


Great prsentation looking more like a young Gord ...

Thank you.

Well-spoken, thank you MP David Sweet!

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1 week ago

David Sweet, M.P.

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How rude; if a question is asked in English, it should be answered in English.....or is this done on purpose so that we the people don't get the transparent non-answer?

Thank you David. As a small business owner I can’t thank you enough.

I wonder if parliament conversation in Qubec are given in English or are they translated into the French language. I do not speak French and according to our language minister this is a breach of my writes.Bob Dillan said ( he didn't know which is worse being cool or doing your o an thing)

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