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Every 10 years, based on the results of the Census, Elections Canada redraws the boundaries of Canada’s Federal Electoral Districts (or ridings) to reflect shifts in population – helping to ensure representation by population is upheld in our system of government. Based on the 2011 Census, this process was completed again in 2013 and will mean changes to local riding boundaries in the next federal election, scheduled for October 2015. Also, based on population growth in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, 30 new ridings have been added to Parliament for a total of 338 ridings. Locally, population growth in many areas of the greater Hamilton area since the 2001 Census, such as Ancaster, Waterdown, Binbrook and on the south Mountain, have sparked the addition of one more riding.  As a result, the riding of Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale will cease to exist after the next federal election but will be replaced by two new ridings:

Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas – which will include Ancaster, Dundas, Westdale, West Hamilton and the western portion of Hamilton Mountain (west of Garth Street on the south side of the Lincoln Alexander Parkway, and west of West 5th Street on the north side of the Linc)

Flamborough-Glanbrook – which will include the communities of Flamborough, Glanbrook, Upper Stoney Creek and the portion of the south Mountain that is south of Rymal Road. On the western end of the horseshoe, the communities of Jerseyville, Lynden, Alberton, Carluke and Copetown west of Hwy 52 are also included in this new riding.

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Population: 97,081

Area: 941km²

Population Density (per km²): 103.2

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