Mental Health Supports

 Q: What is the Federal Government doing to support those who with mental health issues?A: The Federal Government has announced that they will be investing $240.5 million to develop, expand, and launch virtual mental health tools and services in order to help ensure that Canadians are able to get the support they need in

CERB & EI Supports

Q: What is the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)? On March 25th 2020, the federal government announced the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) to help Canadians facing undue hardship as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. The CERB is a simpler and more accessible combination of the previously announced Emergency Care Benefit

Agriculture Supports

Q: What is the government doing for farmers? A: Farmers have always worked hard day and night to supply a safe and abundant food supply for Canadians. Locally, we have dairy, beef, hogs, poultry, cash crop, fruits, vegetables and other horticultural operations. We’re also blessed to have many farm

Summer Jobs Program

Q: Has COVID-19 affected the Canada Summer Jobs Program? A: Yes. The federal government announced changes to the Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) program on April 8 to help create summer openings for up to 70,000 youth as we deal with the COVID-19 crisis in our communities. These enhancements will include: an increase to

Ontario COVID-19 Info

Q: What is the provincial government responsible for? A: The Government of Ontario has taken a leadership role during COVID-19 – particularly on matters of provincial jurisdiction. This include healthcare, testing, securing personal protective equipment for our healthcare workers and first responders, as well as offering financial supports to

Health Lines & Resources Contact Our Office **Video message to be posted shortly** Contact Our Office Links to Help You: Government of Canada COVID-19 page:  Ontario Self-Assessment:

Parents Students & Community

  Q:  What is the Federal Government doing to help families and seniors get through COVID-19? A:  The Federal Government issued a one-time HST rebate for low and mid income Canadians. This includes seniors and anyone who did not qualify for CERB. Along with this, the Federal Government lowered

Video Gallery

New videos being added each week Phase 2 - Video Updates Video Distancing Protocols A message about social distancing protocols used during the filming process. Stop the Spread of COVID-19 Helping you stay healthy and safe by stopping

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