Conservatives Propose to Fast-Track Small Business Wage Subsidy

April 13, 2020 – Conservative Shadow Minister for Small Business and Export Promotion, James Cumming, and Conservative Shadow Minister for Finance, Pierre Poilievre, today announced a practical solution to fast-track rescue aid to small businesses.

The government’s wage subsidy program became law Saturday and the Canada Revenue Agency will only deposit the cash in small business bank accounts in four weeks, well after many will go bankrupt. This means that many businesses will only get their March wage subsidy in May. The United States already paid out 220,000 small business loans and wages subsidies weeks ago.

With a simple fix, small businesses could get the wage money next week. Here’s how:

Let small businesses get their wage subsidy from banks and credit unions next week. Lift the $40,000 limit on the government-backed interest-free Canada Emergency Business Account that banks and credit unions are now delivering, so businesses can borrow the wage subsidy now and pay it back once the Canada Revenue Agency finally deposits it in their accounts in four weeks.

For example: Joe’s business is out of cash because to the COVID-19 shut down. He has work for employees but no cash for wages. The $40,000 Emergency Business Account is only enough to pay his mortgage and suppliers, so there is nothing left for workers. He cannot wait another four weeks.

Solution: the government allows his credit union to front him wage money now to keep his employees working. Joe pays back the credit union when CRA deposits his wage subsidy in four weeks.

Businessman and MP James Cumming, who developed the idea said: “It has been almost a month since the Canadian economy shut down, and businesses have not received a single penny in rescue assistance. Only last week, they were able to begin applying for the small business emergency bank account. Small business owners cannot wait an additional four-weeks for wage subsidy cheques to arrive. Our Conservative proposal gets wages flowing now.”

Poilievre agreed: “There is no more time. Workers need wages and entrepreneurs need cash now. Conservatives have a simple, practical plan to get it to them. Our message to Minister Morneau: ‘do it now.’”


14 hours ago

David Sweet, M.P.

Small businesses are vital – not only to the Canadian economy but our local economy here in Flamborough-Glanbrook and the surrounding Hamilton area. 80% of jobs in this country are made up by small businesses, yet; the Liberal Government has failed to provide adequate support for them throughout COVID-19.

Many of these small businesses have felt the economic repercussions of COVID-19 and critically need government support at this time.

The Canada Emergency Commercial Assistance program (CECRA) put forth by the Liberals was intended to help Canadian small business owners but has become a program that is overly complicated for business owners to navigate through.

CECRA needs to become more flexible – I will continue to do everything in my power to fight to get the small business owners of Flamborough-Glanbrook and the rest of Canada the support the desperately need and deserve.
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So sad that small business that help so many are closing. "Garth Wellness Clinic" and "The Inner You Wellness" have both posted today that they are permanently closed and cannot recover from the financial strain of covid. Two places where I have my treatments/therapies. Such hard times for many and I truly pray the gov't can help individuals during these times.

Today, I was very fortunate to be able to make a statement, in the House of Commons, for Scleroderma Month. Scleroderma Month takes place over the course of June and is intended to raise awareness for the progressive and chronic connective tissue disorder that can attack one’s internal organs.

This month holds a strong personal meaning for me. My mother was diagnosed with Scleroderma and watching her suffer the effects of this awful disorder was one of the most heart-wrenching experiences of my life.

In previous years, this month has included a walk put on by Scleroderma Canada and I have been honoured to participate. Due to COVID-19, this is unable to take place like usual. However, the Scleroderma Society of Canada is planning a virtual event which I encourage everyone to consider contributing.

If you would like to take participate or contribute to the virtrual event, please visit:
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Hon.Member Sweet, thank you very much for raising the issue of family reunification at the border today. This is affecting me personally as well as many other families across the US and Canada and we are sincerely grateful you took the time to give us a voice!

Good effort

Today, as a follow-up to their defeat of our motion for the Parliamentary Special Committee to look into the worsening situation in Hong Kong, I asked the Liberal Government why they have yet to condemn the Chinese Communist regime for their attacks on the free people of Hong Kong. I asked them how they can not condemn the CCP while still calling themselves defenders of freedom?

Not only did the Liberals fail once again to condemn the actions of the Chinese Communist party (CCP) but most concerning, they had the Minister of Transport answer by reading what can only be assumed to be talking points. Where was the Minister of Global Affairs? Is this issue that unimportant to them?

I will continue to do everything within my power to stand-up for human rights in China, across the world and to press the Liberals to condemn the CCP aggression against Hong Kongers.
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Thanks for pursuing this. It amazes me how powerless we are to this treason.

Marc Garneau. Once a space cadet always a space cadet.

One country...two systems? Yah right. What a farce.

2 days ago

David Sweet, M.P.

Yesterday afternoon I spoke out in the House of Commons against the flagrant human rights abuses of the Chinese Communist Party -- which are more poignant now as the regime cracks down on Hong Kong. The world just can't stand by as we watch the end of Hong Kong.

For the sake of the 300,000 Canadians in Hong Kong and all who believe in human rights and freedom, self-respecting democracies like Canada must call out the Chinese Communist Party's actions and agenda! Acquiesence and naive words from the Trudeau government are woefully inadequate.

Which is why it's so disappointing that the Liberals and NDP defeated our motion for the Special Committee on Canada-China Relations to act. We will never stop calling out the Chinese Communist Party regime for what it is. We won't stop in this fight.
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People should remember this next time they think of voting liberal or NDP

When will someone start talking about the current abuse of Canadians’ rights and freedoms right now, at this very moment, right here and now? ... focusing on China do much is just another red herring to distract from major domestic problems. Take care of your own house first.

Thank you, David for your standing up to support Human Rights in China.

Hear! hear! Mr David Sweet may you be blessed for your actions and deeds. Thank you for standing on the side of righteousness. Thank you using your position to benefit others lives.

Yet to save money we trade with then openly it's shamefull.

Well said! You will have my vote in the next election.

Thanks for the upright voice, we together take down the CCP!

Those who have lived their entire lives in functioning democracies may find it hard to understand the totalitarian dark side. Thank you for drawing Canadian's attention to Hong Kong. #Hongkongprotest

Thank u so much 🙏🙏 for standing on truth !!

Thanks for speaking up, Mr. Sweet. Thanks for standing with those who fight for freedom! #freedom #falungong

Thank you for standing with Hong Kong, MP Sweet. China terminates HK autonomy by breaking agreements in Joint Declaration. National Security Law is most likely be legislated directly by CCP Gov. & oppression will be deepened sharply to HongKoners. HK freedom is on hanged by a thead now.

Thank you for your conviction for justice

Thank you

Thank you so much!!

Bravo 💪💪

Well said!

Dear MP Sweet, I am so touched by your words. You know, since 1949, CCP is keeping destroy traditional Chinese culture, killed Chinese who have any believing until now. Thanks again for your SUPPORT!

Thank you 🙏🏼

In the name of 'profit' and 'progress', many choose to turn a blind eye to CCP's atrocities against humanity. Thank you David. You speak the truth and your righteous stand against that evil regime at this critical time will be remembered.

MP Sweet, thank you for speaking out against the Chinese Communist Party and the evil atrocities they have committed. Thank you for standing with justice and humanity. We must hold the CCP accountable for their disregard for human life and liberty.

Thanks David, Stay strong 💪 HK!!!

Great presentation, David. Thank you for speaking out for all Chinese suffering under the CCP's tyranny and for Canadians who cares about human rights and justice. CCP's history is one written by deception, tyranny, massacre, and terror. Canada must understand that CCP is evil and standing up to the CCP is for ourselves.

Thank you so much sir. We are very glad that how great leaders in Canada 🇨🇦. Appreciate you all and God bless you all.


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