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I'm honoured to have the support of former Liberal MP Dan McTeague! We worked together on a number of issues while he was in Parliament that were focused on the fight for fairer prices for Canadians at the pump, on their internet bill and at the grocery store.

Thank you Dan for your support!
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Put my X beside your name on the ballot today Mr. Sweet. Time for a cabinet position for you.

Conservatives all the way.

No way liberals all the way voting for them

OK obviously you’re not a liberal so sorry I can’t say anything worse to you than what I thinking

Right on no bull hereπŸ‘f/ c !

Vote conservative

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4 days ago

David Sweet, M.P.

Today is World Mental Health Day and this week is Mental Illness Awareness Week. This is an issue I hear about more and more with each passing day, and an issue that has had a direct impact on my life. In Parliament I have been an advocate for increased funding to mental health research and treatment, as well as a National Strategy on Suicide Prevention. I plan on continuing to be an advocate for those struggling with mental health and making sure that the help they need is there for them.

If you need help, visit cmhahamilton.ca/.
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You are making a difference for so many, David. God bless you for sharing your loss to help others.

Thank you so very much, David. God, bless you, in the wonderful work you do! πŸ’•

Thank You David!!!!

Go David, go.

Sign Trudeau up πŸ‘

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4 days ago

David Sweet, M.P.

I'm here with Dr. Jean Chamberlain Froese, founder of Save the Mothers and a Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at McMaster University, making an important announcement about our Conservative Party's plan to help adoptive parents and their families get ahead. ... See MoreSee Less


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Great. We have two adopted children. The best thing we ever did. Was it easy? Of course not. Raising children seldom is, but life is much richer because we did.

What are you doing to preserve families. Can we not divert funding back to families in crisis? Please read more on adoption trauma and ways to avoid this. Adoption is rarely a win win situation. Guardianships when needed as a last. Check out Parentfinders of Ottawa Library. There is an abundance of great resources there. Look for Paul Sunderland in the UK (adoption and addiction series) Betty Jean Lifton, Nancy Newton Verrier, Joe Soll, to name a few.

Have you even thought about the pain and trauma that adoption causes to the Mother and her baby by separating them? It would be much better use of money to give to the Mother in order to support her and her baby to stay together. I truly hope that you read the Senate Report called The Shame is Ours.

Hypocrites. You should promote family preservation.

This would be so awesome potential Canadian adoption parents

We should know about trust, the government of the day is corrupt and the leader the laughing stock of the world

Bless those who find great happiness in adoption. What a contrast to those who chant in our cities in support of ending God given LIFE, out of convenience. There will be consequences. What if they had been aborted ?

Wonderful news for all families involved in adoption.

That is great news. Adoptive parents need this.

Wonderful news for all involved.

As an adoptive parent. Thank you!

What an awesome plan.

That is amazing. ❀️

R.i.p. Lara Sweet

How will a conservative government make lift more affordable for families who don't want to be coerced into relinquishing there chidren to adoption.

What about those poor babies that don't get a chance to be adopted.. they are murdered.

Over and over again, Conservatives have demonstrated hostility towards Canada’s workers. Today, Andrew Scheer is doubling down on that hostility and seeking a mandate to cut,” said Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) President Hassan Yussuff. “With a platform loaded with job-killing service cuts, it’s clear that Andrew Scheer represents an equal threat to Canadians as Stephen Harper.”

It sounds good in theory, but there is always the worry is it for real, Governments could not be trusted as of late !

Adoption should not be promoted and encouraged. Instead, family preservation and assistance for mothers should be the order of the day for governments. Have we not learned from Canada's Sixties Scoop and Postwar Adoption Mandate? See the Senate Committee Report released in 2018...mothers are still waiting for an apology from the federal government...this is a non-partisan issue. Further, Jean Chamberlain Froese who ostensibly advocates for mother/child health is likely aware that separating mothers from their newborn children is a lifelong trauma for both and far from ideal. https://sencanada.ca/en/info-page/parl-42-1/soci-adoption-mandate/

I only post THIhttps://thetyee.ca/Opinion/2015/08/19/Conservative-Attacks-Canadian-Veterans/S so you can see the lies...






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1 week ago

David Sweet, M.P.

During our previous Conservative government, over $1.2 billion was invested in infrastructure projects, including over $300 million for much needed road, highway, and transit improvements. If re-elected, I will continue to advocate for and deliver on much needed investments here in Flamborough-Glanbrook and the Greater City of Hamilton. ... See MoreSee Less


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Offering prayers each day that in October Andrew Scheer will be Prime Minister elect. Hoping that you are part of that success. I was born in Canada and live in your constituency but have not received a voting card. However CHCH reported that the Liberals sent voting cards to non citizens, some not old enough, some received two cards in their name or received a card for a deceased family member. Is this another example of unethical or incompetent behaviour by Justin Trudeau s Liberal government?

Same ole cons... Old solutions to old problems... Get with the times and promote the transition to renewable energy and related transportation requirements!.

How come we haven't had only had one person at our door who was David Sweet, what happened to the others who are not going around they want a vote better come to the doors

I am of voting age and was born in Canada but have yet to receive a voting card.

Can you teach the city ( OMB ) to BUILD THE INFRASTRUCTURE BEFORE they fill our villages( Waterdown ) with thousands of townhouses , and the tens of thousands of vehicles that go with them !!!!!!!

Build more roads and infrastructure they say but that was the liberal mps exactly platform for the provincial election and we were already informed the bypass to take traffic north of waterdown was put on the back burner

Well done!

This is a big issue for me. Glad your willing to talk about it. Now, will you DO something about it!?!? You already know your seat is secured.

I would like a sign how do I get one?

Fix the roads. They are extremely rough☹️

We need to start building highways that don't go through Toronto.

No thanks!

Asked for a lawn sign weeks ago.....still no sign!

More crap from the C.R.A.P. Gerrymandering at its best with this riding !

Should not the money come from all three levels of government - not only from the Federal Liberals. In your debate on Cable 14, l thought Jennifer Stebbing the Liberal candidate did say Federal Liberals were giving your riding money / funding over the last 4 yours.

People need to be more patient and leave home earlier if they don’t want to be stressed 😫. Stress kills.🧐πŸ₯³

are you trump mini or ford mini?

So upset you've stolen my identity. I thought Canadians were nice!

can he take that car ride out of town sort of late dont hear from him till election time

why are comments filtered out

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