Thank you to the people of Flamborough-Glanbrook for once again placing your trust in me to represent you in Ottawa. It is a deep honour that I take very seriously. I respect your confidence and will always work hard every day to continue to earn it.

Thank you so much to my Leadership Team Dan Muys and Tracy Foster for your wisdom, hard work, dedication and friendship. Thank you also to my core team Simon Audisho, Michael Giesbrecht Jacob ten Brinke, James Constable, Patricia Edourazin, Liz Lauwers, Olivia Elliot, Arthur Andrews, Scott Bandy, Ed Datta, Denise Vella and Rebecca Collings. Your diligence and long hours brought the victory home!

Plus a big thank you to the extended core team of another 20 individuals and 200 volunteers who were there to help day-in and day-out. You gave us hours and days of your lives. A successful campaign cannot be run without a lot of resources from generous people. To our many donors large and modest — thank you!

My gratitude is so immense to my wife Almut and my family who have rode this challenging wave of public life since 2004. You inspire me to serve with all my strength for a better tomorrow for you and all Canadians!